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0003080Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-08-21 07:252012-03-02 17:43
Toady One 
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Windows5.1 B 2600 SP 3
0003080: Surgeon cancels surgery: patient not resting
I know this is a duplicate, but I felt that it was certainly necessary for this problem to be known. It is the same exact issue as this (http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=318 [^]) one, however, the sole difference is that I am currently getting the exact same problem when using version 0.31.12. This is an issue due to the fact that the bug was supposed to be fixed in version 0.31.07, and yet I am still seeing it in version 0.31.12.

A patient is wounded, the doctor comes to the resting patient so that he may perform surgery, he drags the patient over to a table where he then drops the patient, the patient wakes up from the fall, the doctor gives up on trying to administer medical care due to the fact that the patient is no longer sleeping.

I will include a save file that practically speaks for itself: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2980 [^]
0.31.12, healthcare, Save Included, surgery
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2010-08-21 08:00   
Did you generate the fort prior to .07 then move it to the latest version?
Have you followed Toady's advice in 0000318?

In any case, if you leave out the operating tables (and traction benches, most likely, still have to test that save), you shouldn't lose any doctors to this, though the surgeries will be nastier. You can put them back in 0.31.07 when it is posted.
2010-08-21 09:19   
To clarify, you should try deconstructing and reconstructing every single table in your fortress. Does that fix the problem?
2010-08-22 01:07   

This fortress was generated precisely at version 0.31.12, I did not move the save from a previous version. While I thank you for the suggestion, I wish this bug could be fixed (I'm not really sure why it isn't already fixed for me in this version) so that I can fully appreciate the current healthcare mechanics.


I just tried deconstructing and reconstructing every single table in my fortress, and it did not fix the problem.
2010-08-22 02:21   
I haven't looked at Ghoulz' save, but I'm seeing this in a fresh 31.12 fortress also.

My first guess was that it was militia that healed enough at month/season change to be mobile and then just got up and went on patrol (I currently have two guys patrolling the hallways dragging their guts behind them).

I'll try to pay more attention the who's and what's after my next skirmish.
2010-08-28 15:44   
(edited on: 2010-08-28 15:46)
Here's a little update on my personal experience of this issue. After getting tired of the surgeons' constant failure to operate on my dwarf, I decided the best thing to do would be to just simply euthanize him. I had the underground drowning chamber all set up and ready, but I had some trouble transporting him to it. I realized that the only way I could move him to the chamber would be to remove my old hospital and set up a new one inside the chamber (he was my only patient at the time, so it was hassle free).

However, after they moved the poor guy to the new chamber and I was just about to pull the lever and open up the floodgates, the surgeons came in and started operating on him. I was confident that I had solved the issue by creating a new hospital, but then another glitch happened. After the surgery was completed, the chief medical dwarf came in to diagnose him a second time for some unknown reason. After he did his diagnosis, it was revealed that the patient needed an entirely new surgery (almost as if the one he had just received had not registered at all). After this strange ordeal, the doctors seemed to just forget about him and never came to perform the new surgery on him.

After waiting a bit, I decided to remove the makeshift hospital and set it up again where it used to be (no changes to the tables, beds, benches, or anything since he left it). Even after I relocated the hospital, people still seemed to have forgotten about him, never coming to pick him up and move him to the new hospital. However, once he became hungry and thirsty, someone finally came to give him food and water and ultimately decided they may as well transport him to the new hospital while they were there.

Now in the new hospital (which was actually his old one), the surgeons came at last and performed an excellent surgery on him without ever waking him up by dropping him. It certainly baffles me, and while I managed to somehow bypass this issue in my game, I still think that some closer examination should be put into it (looking at the save I posted in the original description would probably be your best bet).

2010-09-15 15:12   
Yeah, I think I've started getting this bug myself. I have a patient resting in a bed, but whenever they try to move him for surgery, he gets up and starts going to clean himself with soap - causing the doctor to cancel. After cleaning himself, he starts resting again. This cycle is repeating without any input. However, just moving the table closer to the bed seems to have fixed the issue.
2010-10-10 07:12   
I'm using version 31.16 and I still get this bug. The first time my surgeon took my dwarf to the table then immediately rescued him back to the bed. The second time he took him halfway then dropped him with a "Cancels Surgery: Patient not resting"
Malibu Stacey   
2010-10-21 18:48   
I have had this happen repeatedly in 31.16 however from closely watching the hospital I figured out exactly what was happening & how to work around it for the time being.

I have beds with tables adjacent to them in the hospital so the doc wouldn't have to drag the dwarves around to operate on them. I had an injured dwarf needing a lot of medical attention but the doc kept trying to operate & then doing the "Cancels Surgery: Patient not resting" over & over. Watching the hospital what would happen is that the doc would move the dwarf from the bed to the adjacent table & start operating on the dwarf. Another dwarf in the fortress would notice the injured dwarf isn't resting in a bed in the hospital & decide to help out the injured dwarf by dragging him back into the bed. Once the helpful dwarf has dragged the injured dwarf back to bed the doc sees the patient has been moved off the operating table & cancels the operation. Ad infitium.

The workaround is to remove the "Recover Wounded" labor from all your dwarves (not exactly easy unless you use Dwarf Therapist) until the doc has finished operating on the injured dwarf.

I didn't see this happen for a while as in my current fort I had around 50 dwarves for quite a while & they were all constantly busy. After I had a migration wave of 20+ dwarves & most of the busywork had been done in the fort, as I now had idle dwarves the patients were being dragged back to bed during surgery. I expect this is due to the way dwarves look for jobs. Recover wounded seems to be quite a low priority compared to stuff like eat, drink, sleep, store item in stockpile, store item in bin, store item in barrel, on break etc. so you should only experience this if you have a number of dwarves idle while patients are being operated on.
2010-10-22 06:49   
"Watching the hospital what would happen is that the doc would move the dwarf from the bed to the adjacent table & start operating on the dwarf. Another dwarf in the fortress would notice the injured dwarf isn't resting in a bed in the hospital & decide to help out the injured dwarf by dragging him back into the bed. Once the helpful dwarf has dragged the injured dwarf back to bed the doc sees the patient has been moved off the operating table & cancels the operation. Ad infitium."

Confirm, that`s how it goes right now.
Malibu Stacey   
2010-10-22 09:58   
Thought of another workaround while at work. My hospital zone is inside a 7*7 fully walled room with 2 doors so simply forbidding the doors while the doctor was operating on the patient would block any idle dwarves taking a "Recover Wounded" job to drag the patient off the operating table back into the bed. Lot easier to do than turning the Recover Wounded labor off all your dwarves as long as the only dwarves in the hospital room at the time of surgery are the doctor & the patient.

Obviously if your hospital isn't inside a walled room with doors as access points you'd have to use the first workaround.
2011-01-31 18:40   
Yeah, locking the door seems to work. I'm just frustrated that the bug fixes never fix the bugs that I experience, just the ones other people complain about. Clearly Toady means to spite me personally.