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Toady One 
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0003089: Human caravan sending diplomat instead of merchant noble
Every year in my current fortress, the Human caravan has been sending a different (0002892) Diplomat who introduces himself as being from the mountainhomes (0002831), says "Such a nice place you've carved out for yourselves", then leaves.

Last summer, after getting a baron appointed, the humans sieged me, most likely due to a goblin ambush having killed said diplomat. This year, the human civilization's Law-giver arrived (the same one listed in the civ screen) and proposed a peace treaty, using all of the correct text for a Human diplomat ("Greetings, noble dwarf. There is much to discuss." and "It has been an honor, noble [dwarfname]. I bid you farewell."). Before the meeting actually began, the Human caravan arrived, complete with its usual new Diplomat. As the Law-giver was leaving, the caravan diplomat then proceeded to propose ANOTHER peace treaty, this time using the Dwarven liaison strings.

Once next year rolls along (which may be a while, since my system can only manage about 30fps with 100 dwarves in a 4x4 embark), I'll see if the same thing happens again (though likely with both of them saying "Such a nice place you've carved out for yourselves" instead of proposing peace).
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Diplomats agenda seems to be set on arrival, even if you resolve their agenda item with another diplomat they will still bring it up as if the other diplomat had not met with you.
2010-08-23 06:29   
It's currently Spring in my fortress, and I've noticed that the Law-giver has disappeared from the Human civ's leader list (which is now empty, for some reason - I would have expected to see at least a Warlord). When late Summer comes along, I'll see if I again get 2 Diplomats (one with the caravan and another separately) instead of a merchant noble with the caravan and a separate diplomat.
2010-08-24 20:02   
Summer has arrived and passed, and the Law-giver did not show up, presumably because, according to Legends, she stopped being the civilization's Law-giver the instant she left the map, and the code that's replacing liaisons/diplomats isn't properly covering Human diplomats.
Toady One   
2010-09-07 02:48   
This was due to the liaison code being called for each civ, and now that's handled for 0.31.13. Trade diplomats in general are in flux and won't come for a while yet.