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0003107: Pets Adopting Dwarves While Paused
I am useing the Phoebus Graphic's Set if that matters.

I usually do a whole lot of mine designating before I even start playing the game and everytime I do it for an extended period of time(about 30+ minutes), I will get the message that "Cat A has adopted Urist McDwarf." I'm not sure if any other animals do it too since I don't make them available for adoption, but since I can't lock my cats availability, this hurts my chances of butchering them later if I so need too. It's obviously not a major bug, but I consider it a bug since to my knowledge cats don't have the power to negate the affects of time stopping.
1. Generate the world.
2. Embark with any gear and dwarves.
3. Pause game and wait for about an hour just to make sure.
4. Check announcements.
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duplicate of 0001697resolved Toady One While paused, placing designations causes cat adoptions, martial trances, liaison meeting/negotiations 
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