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Toady One 
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0000312: Two (or more) mayors at the same time
I had finally gotten a proper room carved out for my mayor.
As I went to assign his bed, it claimed I had two different dwarves as mayors.

Only one of them showed up on the noble screen, but I was able to trace down the other "mayor" and he did indeed have the title.

He had no jobs turned on expect what the peasants come with, and several novice skills.

He was in no way related to the real mayor, and knew him only as a passing acquaintance.

Perhaps he was once the mayor? I do not believe this is the case.
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2010-04-03 14:48   
I saw something like this on 40d. In that case it was the mayor's wife/husband listed with the mayor like a second owner. May not be relevant to this though.
2010-04-03 14:50   
Also just discovered that the second "mayor" has the same demands for a room.

Verified they are not married, real mayor shares bed with a different dwarf.
2010-04-04 05:47   
I had this happen when a new mayor was elected. The new mayor holds the position in the noble screen, but both dwarves claim to be the mayor in their title and description. They both have independent room demands and mandates.
2010-04-06 22:01   
(edited on: 2010-04-06 22:03)
Unfortunately, it seems like it goes further than this. I had a false mayor make a mandate. I'm uncertain if it's a true mandate, but he does have objects listed on his viewscreen.

However, the mayor currently in power hasn't yet made a mandate, so maybe only one at a time can.

2010-04-07 15:42   
(edited on: 2010-04-07 15:43)
I just received a 'second mayor' as well. Both mayors have the ability to mete out dwarven justice when mandates aren't met.

2010-04-13 02:26   
I can confirm this, not only do I have two mayors, but one of my two mayors is punishing the other for a failed production mandate.
2010-04-13 06:23   
Glad i'm not the only one. I thought I was crazy when in the noble screen it said the mayor did not have any rooms, when there WERE rooms dedicated to a mayor. The problem was it was the WRONG MAYOR, this was after a new one was elected.
2010-04-16 00:02   
king doom   
2010-04-16 10:41   
Confirming that the old mayor has the mandate/demand ability remaining, as well as the room requirements. A dwarf was marked for 101 days imprisonment for not meeting the old mayors mandate. The new mayor is not related to/in a relationship with the old mayor, both mayors have husbands/wives already.
2010-04-16 20:38   
Could this be related to dwarves in the military? I have a dwarf that's been elected but was in a squad at the time. This means sometimes he's active military and sometimes not. The previous mayor is still listed as a mayor on the books as well.
2010-04-17 17:54   
Confirmed. Not related to the military as I didn't have a military at the time.
2010-04-17 18:08   
From what I've seen, you can actually get a third mayor as well. Possibly a fourth.

And it looked like (though I haven't tested it extensively) that I got my second mayer at the 100 dwarf mark. I definitely got my 3rd mayor when I passed the 150 dwarf mark. So it looks like you get a new mayor every 50, but its not replacing the old.
2010-04-18 16:59   
I've got three mayors, but I don't think I'm at that many dwarves. The first two were both in the military though.
2010-04-18 17:57   
I have three mayors and am now at 177 Dwarves. I have never had any military in this fortress.

My original expedition leader went back to a normal life.

One thing I notice in the log is that none of the mayors are ever mentioned as being elected.
2010-04-21 09:54   
I have 3 mayors, no military, and 84 dwarves.
2010-04-21 11:09   
I'm at 64 dwarves and no mayor. Shouldn't I have one by now? :P maybe I should open up another bug report for that?
2010-04-21 11:15   
Did your expedition leader or one of the appointed nobles die? That might be it.

Theres already a bunch of interconnected bug reports involving nobles, so I don't think it would help much.
2010-04-21 12:10   
Nope. No deaths.
2010-04-22 10:48   
Hrm, not sure if a bug report relating to what you said would be a duplicate of the bug where landed nobles (baron, DM, etc) don't arrive or it would be an unique issue.
2010-04-22 11:01   
I have just got 2 mayors too. The old one simply stayed when the new one got elected. He still issues mandates, at least you can see them if you view him.
I had no deaths to any nobles in my fort so far, so it seems not related.
2010-04-22 15:31   
So there I was with three mayors. Two of them aren't that happy because they don't have mayoral quarters and I've been ignoring their demands since they don't show up in the noble screen.

The real mayor gets a cut on his thumb, goes back to his room and bleeds to death.

He was friends with the other two mayors, both of which go insane awhile after the real mayor dies.

So I went from three mayors to no mayors and now most of my noble slots are gone and cannot be reappointed. Goblin archer gets loose while pitting it, I rustle up some squads, can't outfit them because of no arsenal dwarf, when the goblin commences to injure most of them and kill some 20 odd war dogs I can't diagnose the injured because I can't appoint a chief medical officer.

Long story short, these noble bugs are proving painful.
2010-04-23 00:59   
I think these are all probably the same bug. My mayor was elevated to her position super late (around 70 dwarves, 2 full migrant waves after I hit 50) and I wasn't informed of it. Luckily I was messing around with commanders and nobles and whatnot, so I saw the change... If I hadn't, I only would have known when she mandated no aluminum exports. I'll probably have another mayor soon enough.

I think it's something to do with how nobles are checked, assigned, and removed... Somewhere it's not checking or assigning them properly and, likely because of that, it ends up not removing them properly on death or promotion of another dwarf to the same position. On death it probably removes that dwarf properly, but it likely ends up breaking the nobles list because it may just delete that position outright instead of removing the dwarf from that position. That may be somewhat related to the bug where soldiers remain in the squad after death.

Also, I appointed a sheriff and when that became Captain of the Guard the position was not updated. My old dwarf was simply quietly removed as sheriff and I had to manually assign him to be Captain.
2010-04-28 12:57   
A few more behavioral notes on this. One, when any of the mayors die the position gets removed from the noble screen, even if the one that was on the noble screen wasn't the one that died. It will come back when a new mayor gets elected. Two, mandates of mayors can lead to dwarf justice whether they appear on the noble screen or not. I had a metalcrafter get imprisoned (and die in prison) from failing a mandate that never appeared in the noble screen. (Death from thirst as nobody gave him water and the drink stockpile next to him didn't get replacement barrels)
2010-05-02 03:10   
I also have 2 mayors. quite annoying. One of them is bugged he keeps trying to place an item and can't reach the location.
2010-05-02 05:27   
(edited on: 2010-05-02 13:48)
I had 2 mayors, but I got rid of the second by turning him into a Baron :)

2010-05-02 05:53   
haven't had two mayors, but I've had two expedition leaders....
2010-05-03 20:59   
Confirmed; I got my second mayor at the 100 dwarves mark. It seems true, as stated earlier, that every 50 dwarves a new mayor is designated. To Zombie's input, the sheriff is never updated to Captain of the Guard when the position becomes available. Although not as large a nuisance as having multiple mayors, it seems to be a bug, as well. Someone should get on fixing these.
2010-05-04 08:30   
Multiple mayors doesn't have anything to do with population, in my experience. Seeing as how I had 3 or 4 mayors with 80 or so population, your new mayor every 50 dwarves is not correct.

What happens is that there is an election each year. I'm pretty sure this happens in the summer or perhaps early fall, as I remember it happening about the same time the human caravan arrives.

If your current mayor loses the election, the new mayor is appointed and the game fails to de-mayorize the old one.

Repeat every year until you have X mayors.

The best way to prevent multiple mayors until this gets fixed would seem to be to insure that your original mayor never loses an election.
2010-05-06 07:09   
Same thing happened to me. I've had 2 mayors for a while. The first one's been making mandates & bans I can't see for a while.
2010-05-06 07:29   
JeffGroves, assign that dwarf to one of your other noble positions and it will make it easier to check his mandates/demands. I've been doing that with all of my extra mayors.

You can also get to their demands via character view but it isn't as quick.
Jiri Petru   
2010-05-06 08:41   
A stray thought: what happens if you give [REPLACED_BY:MAYOR] to the Mayor template?

I'm modding my game right now but who knows when I get new elections. Would someone else test it too?
2010-05-09 10:08   
... And to add insult to the injury, if one mayor dies and the second one stays in office, broker/bookkeeper/etc become irreplaceable. In this case it is the old mayor who died and new one keeping the office, and the new one keeps winning elections apparently since there is no additional mayors showing up. The existing people keep their roles but captain of the guard vacancy vanished from the nobles list.

Also the mayor keeps running around naked, carrying nothing but a battleaxe (since he's a woodcutter) but I suppose that isn't related in any way. It doesn't matter anyway since the liaison got killed and there is no new one showing up, so he isn't getting embarrassed.
2010-05-12 07:34   
(edited on: 2010-05-12 07:48)
I have 3 mayors currently. I'm able to view their demands and mandates on the noble screen, due to me assigning them to other noble positions when a new mayor takes over.

The first 2 have room requirements, the third does not, he's a militia captain. I believe he was the leader during the transition to "mayor" status. The second is captain of the guard, and has the same room requirements as the real mayor.

All 3 make mandates, and they seem to make them incessantly. I'm not sure what exactly causes them to issue mandates more frequently, but I think unhappiness plays some part in that, and other dwarfs having 'too nice a room' leads to unhappiness.

It's been 7 in-game years so far.

2010-05-12 07:51   
(edited on: 2010-05-12 11:18)
I also have this problem... personally im going to resolve it the old fashioned way... old mayors gonna dig into a volcano...

Edit: Do not try this, you loose all noble assigning options.

2010-05-17 03:31   
Currently up to mayor number six. I guess winning is fun too.
2010-05-21 14:35   
'what happens if you give [REPLACED_BY:MAYOR] to the Mayor template?'

You get no mayor at all and the expedition leader position vanishes as well.

I guess that a mayor gets elected and immediately gets replaced by himself.
2010-05-21 15:28   
Confirmed for me as well. Mayors don't go away, and still place demands. I now have 5 "mayors." Even with a king.
2010-05-21 16:08   
I'm up to 7 mayors. I just consider new ones as members of a dwarven Politburo, with all rights being distributed equally.

It also seems that the currently elected mayor gets updated on the nobles screen when the game is loaded, but I don't know if that would mean that I could kill the previous ones without losing that position.
2010-05-24 13:57   
Same problem here, the old mayors keep their privileges after their term expires. I'm up to three mayors, amongst which one is active and mandates the creation of cages, another forbids the export of bins, and the last one makes demands and mandates (coffin in office, native copper items).

To solve the room requirements, I've assigned the old mayors a custom profession using Dwarf Therapist, then made them cycle through a noble role (broker) so that their requirements get updated. The old mayors loose their room demands this way, but I still need to fulfill their demands and mandates. If I reassign them to their default profession, their room requirements come back.

I'll see if they make new demands after the profession change and once the current ones have been fulfilled and keep you updated if they don't.
2010-05-28 10:38   
The proliferation seems to happen with expedition leaders as well. I got a diplomat spending a month waiting for an engraver to bother talking to him while the dwarf I though was the leader had catnaps in his office...
Toady One   
2010-06-02 02:53   
This should be handled for 0.31.05. I put in the wrong id number for the function that clears position information, so it wouldn't often free up the election loser from the position.