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0003172Dwarf FortressSitespublic2010-09-07 13:172014-01-25 05:57
Knight Otu 
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0003172: Rotting things inside a dark fortress produce no miasma.
Food, body parts, and other rottables that are inside a dark fortress will rot, but will not produce miasma, as though they are outside. At the same site, rottables underground *will* produce miasma, so it's likely something to do with the dark fortress itself.
1. Embark on a ruined dark fortress.
2. Build a butcher shop inside the dark fortress.
3. Butcher an animal and let it rot.
0.31.12, Dark Fortress, miasma, rotting
has duplicate 0003278resolved Footkerchief Miasma not generated under Constructed Floors 
related to 0001140resolved Toady One "Clean" job uses underground/aboveground instead of inside/outside to determine what gets cleaned 
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Knight Otu   
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Miasma only occurs underground. Aboveground, whether indoors or outdoors, it won't occur.