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0003221Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2010-09-14 12:442020-02-19 19:14
0003221: Dwarves assigned to haul objects outside of restricted burrow
Most of my fortress is encompassed by a burrow, and said burrow does not include the floodable entrance corridor which is lined with cage traps. When goblin babysnatchers or ambushers get caught in the traps, I restrict my civilians to a burrow (so they don't get killed when they run out and collect the cages or reload the traps that are surrounded by other goblins), at which point they start spamming "Dwarf cancels Store Item in Stockpile: Item inaccessible" until I either forbid the cages or seal off the entrance entirely.
Create a burrow, define a stockpile within that burrow, place an item outside of the burrow which wants to be stored in the stockpile within the burrow, then restrict your dwarves to the burrow (using civilian alerts).
Seems to be the opposite of 0000340 and/or 0000600 - while the destination of the hauling job is inside the burrow, the item to be hauled is not.
burrow, Save Included
related to 0000340new  Dwarf repeatedly try to store job-based weapons in burrow-forbidden stockpiles 
related to 0000600new  haulers in burrows seem to stand around contemplating hauling jobs they can't perform 
has duplicate 0004925resolved Dwarfu Entrance Dancing 
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2010-10-27 18:02   
This still occurs in 31.16. I have several critical dwarves restricted to burrow (the mayor, the chief medical dwarf, my legendary armorsmith, etc.) and when felling trees or recovering corpse items outside of the burrow area they spam "cancels store item in stockpile, item inaccessible" unless I turn off their hauling jobs.
2010-10-28 04:20   
It is ofcourse only logical that that message appears since you made the item inaccesible. If you don't like the job cancellation messages you can always put them off (o x) for the time being.
2010-10-28 06:02   
this is a really annoying bug with burrows, which often leads to not use them at all, i hope this get fixed soon.
Solra Bizna   
2010-12-19 03:40   
(edited on: 2010-12-19 03:52)
I hit this bug often, and it's incredibly irritating. What usually happens to me is this:

1. Ambush! Curse them!
2. One dwarf (or pet) didn't get to the burrow in time and got killed.
3. A dozen or so "haul item to stockpile" jobs are generated for his body, body parts, and possessions.
4. All dozen or so of these jobs are repeatedly canceled with "Item inaccessible" every 1/10 second for the rest of the ambush.

The announcement spam makes it just about impossible to see other, useful announcements. Like "Make adamantine battle axe (30) has been completed." It can be avoided by completely disabling job cancellation messages, but then I don't see messages like "Urist McWeaponsmith cancels Make adamantine battle axe: Need adamantine wafers." or "Urist McDeepMiner cancels Dig: Interrupted by Fire Man." This is NOT an acceptable workaround.
A better workaround would be a way to disable "item inaccessible" and "item misplaced" messages. Neither provide *any* information that would help you fix the problem, and "item misplaced" messages are usually one-time problems due to someone moving a barrel anyway. (The ideal solution, of course, would be to avoid dispatching hauling jobs to dwarves who are burrow-forbidden from carrying out said jobs.)

Edit: Worth mentioning is that if the entrance is inaccessible for reasons other than burrow assignment, the spam does not occur. The jobs aren't even generated in the first place. The announcement spam problem arises because this check does not account for burrow assignments.

2011-10-15 14:39   
I filed a similar but subtly different "Entrance Dancing" report which was closed as a duplicate of this one.
I don't mind the spam so much. My dwarves are /leaving the burrow to get shot at/ for a few seconds at a time before they cancel and go back in, not just spamming cancellation from inside and staying safe.
2011-10-27 01:57   
Save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5108 [^]
2020-02-19 19:14   
v0.47.03: This behavior distracts the dwarf (0000600), starves the stockpile/job (which will be recreated and re-canceled repeatedly), and spams job cancellation announcements. Burrow-restricted dwarves should not accept stockpile hauling jobs targeting items outside their burrows, so that other, unrestricted dwarves may actually perform those jobs.

workaround: Removing the stockpile from the burrows of any dwarf unable to access the items will correctly assign the hauling jobs to unrestricted dwarves who can actually haul the items. A minecart can then be used to dump the items into the burrows without triggering this bug.