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0003242Dwarf FortressInit Optionspublic2010-09-15 19:132014-01-17 10:41
Toady One 
0003242: Bad URL in init.txt for tilesets
"Graphics info, most of it as above. Set GRAPHICS to YES to turn it all on. This will use the "raw/graphics" folder for tile information. Currently this is limited to whatever creature graphics you have downloaded. The game comes with a few pictures to demonstrate. As of September 2010, the Dwarf Fortress Wiki has graphical tilesets available at http://www.dwarffortresswiki.net/index.php/List_of_user_graphics_sets." [^]

www.dwarffortresswiki.net was taken over by domain squatters months ago - the proper URL should be "http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/DF2010:Graphics_set_repository" [^]
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Toady One   
2010-10-02 04:36   
Ah, I only changed it in the legacy init before. This should be sorted out for 0.31.15.