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0003278: Miasma not generated under Constructed Floors
I have a large refuse area that is fully covered, mostly by constructed floors and a very small portion by dug area (This was for testing this problem). Anything placed in the refuse under the dug out area spews miasma as expected, but the constructed area produces none.
Build a roof of constructed floors and place a refuse under it.
duplicate of 0003172resolved Knight Otu Rotting things inside a dark fortress produce no miasma. 
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This is how it's always worked - miasma is only generated when things rot in Subterranean tiles. Once a tile is exposed to the outdoors, it is forever considered to be "Above Ground" and no longer causes rotting items to emit miasma (or generate Clean jobs when contaminated).
2010-09-19 16:27   
It doesn't seem weird that this food that all goes through the same path and gets exposed to outdoors will still release miasma if its final resting place is under a tiny portion of subterranean tiles instead of the rest that is all covered? I thought the whole point to the no miasma is because it was mean't to represent wind blowing it away outside, when there could not possibly be wind in this case.