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0003370Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2010-10-04 21:302014-07-27 12:51
0003370: HIgh speed caravan packing up.
When messaged that the caravan has left, opening the designate window and click + hold with mouse button causes them to pack up super fast.
wait for caravan to announce they have embarked.
[d]esignate [d]ig or any others in the menu.
hold left click anywhere
watch as the caravans items flip out until it stops shifting,
caravan is ready to go as soon as you unpause.
I have noticed the shifting items all the time since I started with .12 but didn't notice till now that it was them packing up till now. Wonder if this issue is similar to the outpost liason completing the trade talks during pause.
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duplicate of 0001697resolved Toady One While paused, placing designations causes cat adoptions, martial trances, liaison meeting/negotiations 
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See 0001697.
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Woops, tried searching for similar, but looks like I spelled liaison wrong, sorry.