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0003373Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-10-05 13:112011-02-26 08:41
PCWindowsVista 32 Bit
0003373: Animal Inventory crash
I have a save where a raccoon stole something, naturally I want to check what it is, but when switch to inv it crashes.

It seems to happen on all animals, but on some animals it doesn't crash at all and show the inventory fine.
http://www.mediafire.com/?bfdbmwgsjxstwbw [^]

Navigate to surface.
Use v on raccoon
Go to inventory
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duplicate of 0003762resolved Baughn Crash on moving (k) cursor over certain spatters with TrueType (long names?) 
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Reminder sent to: Noctune

I loaded your save in 31.18 and am not getting a crash on the raccoon's or any other creature's inventory.

Are you still able to reproduce this?
2010-12-11 08:47   
This may be 0003762. Does it crash with TrueType enabled?

2010-12-11 12:27   
I enabled TrueType, but am able to view all inventories of all creatures currently alive on the map with no crash.
2011-02-26 08:41   
No reply from reporter. Marking this as a duplicate because the raccoon is covered in named giant blood (long name) and reporter was operating under some tile changes, which was most likely a mod that turned TrueType on.