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0003388Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Cages and Chainspublic2010-10-08 13:472012-03-11 05:33
Toady One 
0003388: Traded vermin are unadoptable
I bought em some empty cages from Elves and ym dwarves happily haul them to the nearest stockpile. Then I notcie they happen to contain a tame bat and two tamed moghoppers. So the names don't show up at the cages as would be with (horse cage) acacia or something so you can't see it in trading.
I build the cages and want to release them they get put in animal traps (normal, but annoying). i look to my z animal list to set them to be adopted but they aren't listed, nor are they in the units list nor are they acknowledge to be in the traps/cages apart from them remaining unused.
Buy empty cages from elves, might contain tamed vermin.
animal traps, Elves, pets, trade, unadoptable, vermin
related to 0000482resolved Toady One Tame exotic pets don't show up in the Animals screen 
related to 0001432resolved Toady One Elves sell you vermin in cages. Cages don't say that they are occupied by vermin. 
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2010-10-08 16:03   
They're exotic pets, so you can't put them up for adoption until you get a dungeon master.

Since it's not actually possible to get a dungeon master in 0.31, however, you can simply edit your region's raws (i.e. data/save/regionN/raw/objects/creature_*.txt) and replace every instance of [PET_EXOTIC] with [PET].
2010-10-11 07:05   
This isn't entirely true, I found me a rat as well, whihc wasn't adoptable due o the same reason :(
2010-11-06 15:40   
Severity is not block - that's reserved for pretty major bugs.
2012-01-08 09:43   
The cage name portion is 0001432.