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0003401Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2010-10-10 07:252014-01-29 10:31
0003401: Forgotten Beast Bones going into wrong stockpile
I have two refuse stockpiles setup, one outside one for corpses, and one inside one for bones/skulls/etc. They were working fine except for forgotten beast pieces, which seem to be placed in the outside one.
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duplicate of 0002762acknowledged Footkerchief Forgotten Beast body parts and corpses stored on refuse stockpile disregard stockpile settings 
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2010-10-10 21:54   
I just retrofitted my old 0.31.12 fort with proper stockpiles for my bone carvers and I can confirm the same problem - both forgotten beast bones and forgotten beast shells are being stored in the refuse stockpile set to permit only corpses and body parts, while the refuse stockpile set to permit only skulls+bones+shells+teeth+horns/hooves are properly accepting several stacks of goblin bones I managed to get.
2011-05-25 14:40   
This looks to be a duplicate of 0002762.
2011-07-27 07:00   
I'm going ahead and adding this to the changelog for 31.22 as the parent issue seems to have been fixed at that point. If you feel this isn't the case, please reopen this report.
2011-07-27 19:58   
Reopened because parent issue still showed problems after further testing.