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0003416Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-10-12 12:562012-06-02 04:41
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Windows Vista
0003416: Soldiers repeatedly head to order, then return to stockpile
When training, ordered to station or attack, soldiers will march over to the armor stockpile to 'Pickup Equipment'. They then proceed to their training/ order, and sometimes get there, however, whether they make it there or not all the way, they invariably turn around to 'store item in bin',unless they're engaged in combat. This affects all my soldiers, including militia commander, however, he is not always affected
Assign squad equipment, all available armour in steel, and a leather dress, and assign training or squad orders
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child of 0000535acknowledged Toady One Equipping weapons/armor on military is erratic 
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Foot - I think this is the same bug as the civilian equipment interfering with military equipment. At least the symptoms are the same.
2011-05-28 09:02   
In other words, are your problematic soldiers assigned to perform Mining, Wood Cutting, or Hunting?
2011-06-16 22:24   
Soldiers without any civilian labours also get stuck in an infinite pickup equipment loop. This seems to occur when there is a large over-abundance of equipment of the type assigned. My dwarves don't even manage to leave the armoury; one goes to pick something up, turns to leave. This causes another who was leaving to go back and change his equipment (presumably to whatever the last one to change dropped, even if material and quality are identical).

Forbidding equipment of the type used solves this; this does not depend on whether a specific material is assigned. It seems a large over-abundance is necessary for this to occur, or perhaps the extent to which this occurs depends on how much equipment there is in excess. In my case having around three times as much as needed caused soldiers to be practically glued to the armoury.
2012-03-20 19:48   
Toady may need an up-to-date save (0.34.02+) to fix this problem. It would be helpful for someone to upload a save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.
2012-05-31 19:36   
No save and probably covered by another report.