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0003475Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2010-10-26 18:272012-04-08 10:52
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0003475: Dwarf left floating after bridge removed
In an attempt to breach the aquifer, I froze it by exposing it to the outside. I couldn't easily reach the ice, so I made a bridge out over the center of the aquifer ice chunk. I tricked a dwarf into standing on the edge of the bridge by making him build a smaller bridge on the end, then placed him in a burrow on the end of the first bridge so he couldn't move. I then had another dwarf remove the bridge the first dwarf was standing on. The first dwarf remained floating. If I loo[k] at him, I see "Erib Thimshuroddom, Miner" on top of "Open Space"
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duplicate of 0001510needs feedback Footkerchief Floating creatures stuck in projectile status 
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Sounds like 0001265 - since there's no floor, your miner is stuck "flying" over the ice. If you build a floor tile over the ice, he might "land" and return to normal.