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0003492Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Skills and Professionspublic2010-10-31 21:172010-11-03 12:06
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0003492: Very slow skillups when using a crossbow as a melee weapon
A marksdwarf shot the last few bolts in his quiver at an alligator, knocking it unconscious then waded in to finish the alligator off by hand with his ☼Steel Crossbow☼. 36 pages of combat logs later the Alligator has very few unbroken bones but is still alive, and the marksdwarf is still a Dabbling Hammerdwarf.

After 50 pages (and 16 "shattering the skull" messages) the 17th skull shattering was fatal. And the marksdwarf is a Novice Hammerdwarf.
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duplicate of 0000657resolved Toady One Weapon skills don't increase when attacking prone (conscious) targets 
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2010-11-01 11:03   
Attacking a prone target does not grant experience. It's pretty much always been this way.
2010-11-02 19:19   
Ah, I didn't know that. In that case I guess the bug should be closed.
2010-11-02 22:09   
Ok, cool. I didn't notice the prone bit when I read this.