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0003512Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2010-11-05 05:362010-11-15 13:49
LinuxDebian5 (lenny)
0003512: Immigrants with non-zero skills arrive without appropriate labours set
When immigrants arrive, they sometimes have very weird labour settings on, such as a Talented Carpenter (with no other job skills) arriving with a peasant-like hauling-only set-up. This happens randomly, as some dorfs have the right labours enabled on immigration, and some don't.
1. Wait for migration wave.
2. Check skills and labours enabled. If they don't match, there you go.
Could this possibly be a feature, rather than a bug?
labor, migrants, skills
duplicate of 0001609resolved Toady One Immigrant dwarves' skills often don't match their job settings 
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This is probably a duplicate of 0000110.