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0000356Dwarf FortressCombat -- Generalpublic2010-04-03 21:272010-06-14 13:53
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0000356: Creatures (especially dwarves) sometimes impossible to kill.
I've had a pair of Wrestlers wrestle a skeletal goat until they died of thirst. I've had a beserk dwarf rage until they died of thirst, despite everything on her being broke (red). Bronze Colossi don't seem to ever die.
Attack something and wait.
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duplicate of 0000033resolved Toady One Bronze colossus, skeletal creatures, fleshballs, and others are impossible to kill 
duplicate of 0002290new  Dwarves locked in combat will not stop fighting to drink 
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Azrael Kaine   
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Also had in arena mode a human puling a Monty Python Black Knight in a duel, Lost both arms and continued for some time biting and kicking, also lost his nose, had a long sword repeatedly twisted into his throat and eyes cut out. Did eventually die, by falling into a puddle of magma.