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0003602: Adventure Mode Quest Carries Over Between Characters
My demigod died to the minotaur, went to the lawgiver on another character who told me I needed to still kill that minotaur before he'd give me quests. (I don't have it in my quest log)
Start a character, get a quest(probably from law giver) die, remake, go to lawmaker, get a quest.
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related to 0001806resolved Toady One Non-cancelled kill orders persist into newly generated world and fortress. 
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I can back this up!

I've been doing a lot of quests in the same area through different characters.

I had gotten up to a second tier quest to kill night beast xxx from a Lady, and my character and eleven followers were wiped out in its den.

A few characters later ( always in the same areas ) I had only completed two quests but when I spoke to a Lady she was already saying, " And serve our cause you shall have, ( sic ->typo! ) as soon as xxx is dead."

I found the cave of xxx without officially getting the quest and killed him.

I returned to the Lady and here I have a screenshot where she says, " Fantastic, may he rot in hell!", and I then ask for a quest and she goes back to, " And serve our cause you shall have, as soon as xxx is dead."

I've got before and after savegames but I need to learn to upload the screenshot and saves properly.


Save game: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3410 [^]

I'll keep playing this character until I get to the point I might qualify for the quest again and see what happens.

Toady One   
2010-11-16 03:43   
This should be handled for 0.31.18.