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0003640: Engraved slab contains mention artifact not created
One of my dwarves went to mood, but was unable to finish it and went mad. After some time the dwarf died, and I made a stone slab for her. After engraving and construction of the slab I checked it, and the slab contains the following:

This is a superior quality limestone memorial to Erith Olondatur.
The Slab reads "In memory of Erith Olodatur / b:78 d:153 / Creator of The Decline of Shell / United with dacite".

So, even though the artifact was never finished the game included her as the creator of that artifact.
Let one of your moody dwarves die, then make a slab for him/her, then check the slab's description.
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has duplicate 0005716resolved Knight Otu A failed mood dwarf is credited with his artifact on his tombstone 
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Just happened to me too on the newest version (31.19).
2011-03-26 06:27   
Confirmed, happened multiple times in 31.19 and again in 31.22.
2011-03-26 10:10   
You think a ghost would be satisfied with a memorial that read "Attempted to create The Decline of Shell, went mad instead. EPIC FAIL! WHAT A LOSER!"
2011-04-12 22:37   
Ah, that explains why my carpenter had an artifact listed in his memorial. (He went Melancholy and starved to death. Poor Sod.)

Confirmed in 31.25 (Win)
2012-03-09 15:47   
Still here in 34.05.