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0003647Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2010-11-16 19:272012-04-03 15:24
0003647: Trade Caravan Arrives VERY Late in Season - Leaves Before Unloaded
My last game in .17 I noticed the trade carvans overlapping in seasons, coming late in their assigned season and staying into the next season.

In .18 on my first year the dwarven caravan arrived in VERY late autumn. Before they had made it 10 steps from the edge of the map it turned to winter. My map is small so the trade depot was very close to the map edge. Still, they winded up departing sometime in Winter before I ever got a chance to trade. They were in a prolonged state of "unpacking", then just started re-packing and headed out.
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duplicate of 0001756resolved Loci Traders showing up extremely late in the season. 
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