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0003717: Above-ground night creature mounds treated as outdoors
The various above-ground soil mounds which house night creatures seem to be treated as being outdoors in Adventurer mode - you can tell what time of day it is from inside, visibility/lighting is consistent with that of outdoors (i.e. everything turns teal at night), and they get filled with snow during the winter.

I have not yet attempted to embark on top of one of these mounds to see what the loo(k) cursor indicates.
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I've been in plenty of lairs that acted like underground areas -- are the mounds distinct?
2010-11-22 20:44   
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Yes, it's specifically the above-ground mounds with doors. If they're dug into the side of a hill, they're properly treated as underground.

Furthermore, not only are the floors inside covered with snow, but the walls are also snowy, something which otherwise never happens.

2014-07-27 15:03   
this happens with hillocks.