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0003721Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2010-11-23 12:162014-08-12 14:14
0003721: [MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPTION] doesn't work?
Noble positions with the [MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPTION] can still be assigned to perform any labor you want, and they will perform those labors just like any other dwarf - my Duchess is a legendary Leatherworker, and my recently arrived King has been observed hauling refuse to a garbage dump.

In 40d and earlier, these nobles could not be assigned any labors (they would give "The noble will not work.") and would only do the select few things that any dwarf would do (pulling levers, removing constructions, hauling items to the trade depot, harvesting plants, etc.).
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2010-11-23 12:21   
This has been the case probably since the earliest 0.31 version. I couldn't tell you which one, but I definitely played nobles as you described them long before the current version.
2010-11-23 12:59   
Isn't MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPT only supposed to apply to jobs or not hauling? I always figured this was a consideration to make them able to carry food to their rooms, and able to dump the resulting mess.
2010-11-23 14:11   
The only noble positions that have [MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPTION] are the ones that did not permit setting labors at all back in 40d (and a few of the ones that didn't exist at all back then). In 0.31.xx, these nobles can still be assigned to do anything you want them to do - you can even set your King to perform masonry and churn out rock blocks nonstop.
2010-11-23 15:05   
Yeah, the doing actual jobs is a bug - somehow I missed that and only saw the "dumping garbage" thing, which is what I was wondering about.
2010-11-25 19:42   
This should probably also prevent me from placing the noble in the military - as awesome as it would be to have my King leading my army (or even be subordinate to one of my militia captains), it's probably not intended to be that way.
2012-04-04 08:46   
Haven't checked in the latest version, but [MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPTION_SPOUSE] had the same problem back in 0.31.25 - it still causes the unit's job to show up as "Noble" when idle (rather than "No Job"), but it didn't disable labor assignments.
2014-08-12 13:48   
This is still the case in version 0.40.08, and it's clear why: the logic for checking MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPTION (or MENIAL_WORK_EXEMPTION_SPOUSE) to suppress the labor list (and display "The noble will not work") is only performed if the unit's profession is MERCHANT, TRAINED_HUNTER, TRAINED_WAR, MASTER_THIEF, THIEF, DRUNK, MONSTER_SLAYER, SCOUT, BEAST_HUNTER, SNATCHER, or MERCENARY.

By comparison, back in version, all of the menial-work-exempt nobles were identified by Professions.

It should be noted that if this is fixed, appointing a noble to such a position should probably explicitly clear all "menial" labors (if it doesn't try to do so already), otherwise newly appointed Nobles will continue to perform their original labors and not allow you to turn them off.