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0003781Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machinespublic2010-12-06 20:232014-09-16 14:06
Toady One 
0003781: Lever can be linked to same target more than once
Was making a danger room without paying attention, didn't notice it was always selecting the same unlinked Spear trap every-time I queued a link from the same lever so I had multiple link to a spear traps to the same spear trap queued. Sure enough I have a spear trap with 2 links to the same lever now. Hardly a bug at all really but it's impossible to queue a link to a trap that's already been linked, so getting "around it" by queueing it more than once before it's been linked is a bit of an exploit. A really annoying and pointless unless you want to boost your architectural wealth exploit.
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has duplicate 0005643resolved Footkerchief It is possible to request multiple linking to the same bridge from single lever 
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Kogut at 0005643: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5879 [^]
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Note: this bug happens because target is removed from list of objects that can be linked after finishing linking job


There is a bridge, multiple mechanisms and single lever.

Situation a)
*Add new task from q menu for level, link bridge
*Wait for completion of job
*Add new task from q menu for level, link bridge results in "there is nothing that can be linked up"

Situation b)
*Add new task from q menu for level, link bridge
*Add new task from q menu for level, link bridge
(there are 10 slots so it is possible to queue 10 jobs)

copied from 0005643
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The bug still exists in 40.06 when linking multiple floodgates to one lever.