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0003901Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2011-01-22 13:242014-09-06 13:36
Toady One 
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0003901: Wounded criminals not recovered
My chief medical dwarf and suturer have no other jobs enabled, but they've ignored an unconscious, badly wounded dwarf for months, who is slowly dying. The only distinguishing characteristic about this poor soul is that he's a criminal. He was wounded and knocked out while attacking a war elephant, and he's now listed on the justice page. The Recover Wounded job is not listed in my job list. Apparently the job is not getting created because throwing him in jail trumps taking him to the hospital, but they won't incarcerate him as long as he's unconscious.
Critically wound a dwarf (from which he cannot recover on his own) while he's committing a crime.
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related to 0002905resolved Toady One Dwarves that recieve beatings do not heal 
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Similar thing happened to me. My dwarves through a severly wounded dwarf in jail. He barely survived the month. He was also, unfortunatl my manager, injured in a tantrum spiral. I just think the Dwarves dont like criminals being allowed use of the hospitals.
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This looks like the rest+ko bug fixed for 0.40.12.