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Windows Vista Home 32 bit
0003913: Outpost liason negotiations progress while the game is paused
In this save file, I accidentally pressed ESC to cancel the negotiations with the liaison, thus nothing would be traded the next year.

Next the dialog where it stated that he would check what he would scoop through my goods to see what would he like to buy the next year, then I realised the game was paused throughout all of this.

I saved the game at this point and submitted the save, since I thought this behavior of the liason shouldn't be normal; the negotiations should progress only while unpaused.
This game was saved just after the dialog in the description. It should be focused on the mining plot I was doing while the liason talked.

If this is reproduceable, it should be possible to make it happen in any fort by pausing the game just after the liason starts negotiating and waiting.
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duplicate of 0001697resolved Toady One While paused, placing designations causes cat adoptions, martial trances, liaison meeting/negotiations 
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I don't know how to add saves, but still it should be reproduceable.
2011-01-29 08:28   
Were you designating constructions, digging, or the like as the negotiations progressed?
2011-01-29 10:28   
(if so, this is a duplicate of 0001697)
2011-03-31 18:43   
Reminder sent to: waitwaht

Do you remember if you were placing designations during the paused state/liaison meeting?
2011-04-06 05:15   
We'll assume '...the mining plot I was doing...' confirms you were doing designations.