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0003952Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2011-02-15 08:152011-04-10 00:14
0003952: Historical figures will only be named if they ascend to a position of power and associated woes
The only historical figures that I've noticed have names are those that ascended to some position of power, their children, and spouses. A side effect of this is that, apparently, night creatures will only abduct named creatures, resulting in all spouses being former royalty or in positions of power. Another effect, though trivial, is that a) rulership isn't determined by genealogy and the slightly less trivial b) anyone can become any title, regardless of gender. For example, I had a male elf who was "one of the first of his kind" who became a princess to a queen who was born after him.

It's nothing big, but it makes Legends mode even more cluttered than usual.
Simply generate a world and go into legends mode.
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parent of 0003262new  Slain nameless intelligent entities get names, don't appear in legends 
parent of 0004239resolved Toady One Nameless notable creatures produce ugly " , "" "-entries in historical-figures-list 
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Actually, Elves simply lack a "king" or "prince" designation. All Elven royalty are Queens, apparently, regardless of gender.