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0003973: Wood Blocks Still Are Not Blocks for the purpose of putting into a stockpile.
As it says above, wooden blocks still are not blocks, so they simply sit in a carpentry workshop, causing it to be cluttered. This was reported and acknowledged in 31.18, several times, but did not get fixed. This really really needs to be fixed, and now we get to wait another few months.
Build a Carpentry Workshop
Make it build a wooden block
Watch it sit there causing clutter


Go to stockpile settings > Bars/Blocks and notice that wood blocks don't seem to fit into any category.

4. Profit?
Seems a pretty simple oversight, why has it not been fixed, even though you've acknowledged the bug multiple times.
blocks, carpentry, stockpile, wood, wood blocks
duplicate of 0000439resolved Toady One Wood Blocks cannot be stockpiled 
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Sorry if this sounded harsh, but if updates didn't take 3 months, it probably wouldn't bug me so much. Wouldn't kill anyone to release a 31.19.1 next week.
2011-02-16 18:48   
If it's been reported multiple times, why did you feel the need to report it again? The reports don't just disappear, they only get resolved if they're redundant or get fixed.