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0003985: Pets That Are Also [Grazer] Die Of Starvation
Had a pet piglet die of starvation. The owner lived in the rock layers and never ventured where there was grass, so not sure if he had just walked through some grass if that would have solved the issue.
Receive immigrant or make a grazer pet available to be adopted.
Pets can't be placed in the pasture.
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2011-02-18 21:01   
Related but probably intentional - if you chain a grazer in a grassy area, they trample their own food into oblivion and starve. If you chain a grazer in a non-grassy area, they starve much more quickly.

If we can get some animal feed, maybe we can finally use that animal care labor for something.
2011-02-21 20:06   
maybe grazer pets should get to grass on their own and not only follow thier owner, but i also have seen grazer getting hungry/starving even with grass (mostly the one with very low grazer values). chaining grazer pets is also a problem but here they couldnt even run on their own to get some grass.

of course the option to harvest hay (tool/weapon scythe inc? ^^) as pet food would be interesting change (the owner and animal caretaker will go and feed those animals then). grass can already be stockpiled anyway (or at least show up in the stockpiles)