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0003994Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Foodpublic2011-02-17 04:452011-03-10 07:28
0003994: Cooking eggs creates extreme kitchen clutter
My kitchen workshop went to extreme purple *CLT* when trying to make a lavish meal of stack of 2 buzzard eggs and 3 goose eggs.

Now that I think about it... isn't a lavish meal 4 item stacks, not 2?
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has duplicate 0004171resolved Dwarfu attempting to cook with eggs rapidly clutters kitchen 
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The resulting product was :

This is a stack of 5 well-prepared goose egg roast. The ingredients are minced buzzard egg and well-minced goose egg.

Needed two more ingredients for a roast didn't it?
2011-03-08 22:29   
That sounds like a separate bug. I've submitted a report here: http://bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=4170 [^]