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0004043Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2011-02-20 14:322011-03-03 04:00
Toady One 
LinuxLinuxDebian 6.0 i386
0004043: Making soap from tallow fails if lye is stockpiled
Making soap from tallow fails (manager-queued jobs complain of missing a "lye-contaiing item", and the workshop interface shows the job in red) if the lye barrels are in a stockpile (in my case, a food stockpile).

Forbidding the food stockpiles from accepting lye, and then dumping the barrels to a zone near the soaper, made the job available.
Make a food stockpile, and don't disallow lye in it. Get some lye barrels from the dwarven civ. Get some tallow. Attempt to make soap, while the lye is stockpiled.
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Easy to reproduce:
Embark with lye (I took 10, so the barrel had 2 items of lye[5] in it), buckets and logs and make a food stockpile.
Wait for lye to be placed in the food stockpile.
Enable all farming skills on at least one dwarf.
Build a soaper, butcher and kitchen with some logs and a bucket.
Butchered one of the wagonpullers to get fat.
Allow it to be rendered to tallow.
Verify nothing is tasked.
Appoint a manager.
Queue 1 Make Soap From Tallow job in the manager screen.
Receive cancellation message.