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0004045: Screw press can't press if jug is in stockpile
Much like 0004044 but with different workshop and resources. The screw press does not allow the "Press liquid from paste" job if the required glazed earthenware jug is in a stockpile. The job works fine if an un-stockpiled, unforbidden jug is in the workshop.
Make clay jug. Glaze it. Make rock nut paste. Allow both of them to be stockpiled in the normal manner. Attempt to press oil from the rock nut paste.
With both a forbidden jug and a forbidden paste sitting on the same tile as the screw press, no job could be scheduled. With the paste unforbidden and the jug forbidden, still no job could be done. With the jug unforbidden and the paste forbidden, the job CAN be done.
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This also seems to be the case with the making of mead.

I had 5 honeys in glazed stone jugs, sitting in the finished goods stockpile. Mead could not be made. I disabled that stockpile and the dwarfs moved the honey to a food stockpile. Again, mead could not be made. Finally I disabled honey from the food stockpile as well, and dwarfs were able to successfully make mead!

I bet this is also what is causing the trouble with soap and other jug things.
2011-02-20 23:14   
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