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0004090Dwarf FortressReactionspublic2011-02-28 07:512011-02-28 15:57
Toady One 
0004090: COVERED incorrectly applies glaze for some materials
I created a custom Adventurer mode reaction which applied an IMPROVEMENT of type COVERED with material INORGANIC:STEEL to an item of my choosing, and when the reaction was completed, the item description read "It is glazed with steel" instead of "It is studded with steel".

The same thing happened with INORGANIC:OBSIDIAN ("glazed with obsidian" instead of "encrusted with obsidian") and CREATURE_MAT:CAT:LEATHER ("glazed with cat leather" instead of "decorated with cat leather"), but oddly not with INORGANIC:EMERALD (which properly came out as "encrusted with emerald").
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related to 0003999resolved Toady One Artifact "glazed with gneissreindeer leather" 
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This may be related to 0003999.
Toady One   
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Yeah, I think it's all the same root cause.