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0004101: Hive contains "heavily worn", "mangled" XX live honeybees XX after a fire
I noticed my bee keepers installing more bees in hives that were already full and set to be saved for splitting. Sure enough several of my hives had no bees in them and those that still had older colonies in them had the bees listed as "heavily worn" (XlivehoneybeesX) or "mangled" (XXlivehoneybeesXX). I'm almost positive this was caused by a grass fire that rolled through after a fire breathing titan attacked a caravan. The dolomite hives themselves and several bits of wax, wax honeycomb and royal jelly were unharmed.

I'm guessing that its a bug that a swarm of bees can become worn or mangled. Flying vermin being harmed by a grass fire, whether inside a stone hive or not, might also be an issue but is probably intended behavior.
Set your hives on fire.
I have a save from directly before the fire started (23rd of Timber) and all but one of the hives are full and the colonies unharmed. By the 3rd of Opel (when I noticed the issue) only 3 of the nine original colonies were left. I can upload both saves if needed. I'm using Phoebus' build (31.19v01) and I have used dfhack to reveal the map but I doubt that affects whether bees can become worn out by fire or not.

In other news, I laughed my ass off when I read: This is a stack of 11504 live honey bee. This object is mangled.
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