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0004154Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2011-03-07 05:182011-03-21 04:16
Toady One 
0004154: Glass and porcelain pots, even ones that contain booze, don't show up in Trade Depot list
There are no kinds of pots included in the trade list. This includes pots containing booze that should show up in the drinks list.
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related to 0004050resolved Toady One Plants stored in large glass pots are not used by jobs, and other irregularities with pots 
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What material are the pots made of?
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I had both glass and porcelain pots. I'm pretty sure pots in general are not included in the trade list as they are also absent from stockpile lists. I actually tried making a stockpile that only accepted statues and dwarves kept dropping pots off there. Even forbidding all materials didn't stop them. So they seem to be a furniture type but they don't have a subtype to be assigned to. Also, ceramics aren't included as a material in stockpiles either.