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0004226Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Viewpublic2011-03-14 18:092014-07-20 09:15
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0004226: Dead dwarf *gone*, not buried
This one is pretty weird. On reading the game log, I think it came from save/load while "combat" was in progress, but it's not likely to be very reproducible.

Apparently a horse was upset over close quarters (before I remembered to pasture 'em) and was kicking up its heels. My armorer got hit in the skull and is now listed as dead. But there is no corpse anywhere, no coffin claims. Screens show as follows:
* Unit screen - shows as deceased
* Job screen - a sleep job for this dwarf shows up
* Animal screen - a kitten who previously owned this dwarf shows as still having that ownership, but also shows as stray. The kitten can not be chosen for butchering.
* Game log: The log shows the kitten becoming a stray, but at the time it was not obvious why. No mention of the dwarf being struck down etc.
* Stocks: no remains or corpse
* Dwarf does not show up in the action reports (however the horse does show)
* Viewing the dwarf shows a brain injury, as expected

The same is true for a war dog, which might have been killed by the same wayward horse -- no corpse or remains, no coffin claim, etc. No struck down message...

Uploading the save will have to wait till I get home -- if it's useful.
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This happened to me, too. A stray bull calf killed a stray mule. I saw the combat report, but I couldn't find any trace at all of the stray mule. No corpse. No bones. Nothing. And this wasn't during a load or save.

The mule does not show up under the Status|Animals menu. However, that menu lists 94 animals, while the main Status menu says I have 95 animals.

The mule does show up as deceased in my Units menu, although upon inspection, I see "His head is bruised. His skull is broken. His skull is oozing mule blood. His brain is fractured. His brain is oozing mule blood." instead of the usual "His upper body is gone."