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0004229Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2011-03-15 02:342014-09-19 10:18
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0004229: stone jug with honey stored in bin on finished goods stockpile
I want to try new features. Made some chert jugs and use press. Some time later I saw job cancellation announcement like "need more jugs". I check still and action to make mead is not available. I start search where is all jugs go? I found one on finished goods stockpile near trade depot. It didn't change name like "honey chert jug" and is situated in bin. It also contain honey bee royal jelly inside.
related to 0004135resolved Toady One Large pots are placed in furniture stockpiles regardless of settings. 
related to 0004914new  Flasks not named/stockpiled according to contents 
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2011-03-15 04:52   
I notice that you're using .20; from the notes in the dev blog, it seems that toady is working through the stockpile issues. You should wait until .22 comes out and try it.

Also, I have experienced the same thing when I go to trade and I mark finished goods bins to be brought to the depot. Some of those bins contain jugs which contain honey.

But as I said, we should wait until .22 and THEN whine. :P
2011-03-28 10:28   
Still exists in 0.31.25
2011-03-28 14:27   
This is probably an old thing, same as vials of golden salve going to finished goods stockpile.
2011-04-06 02:11   
I have some "honey bee royal jelly" jugs stuck in a finished goods bin with a bunch of stone crafts. This is in 0.31.25

2011-04-06 13:02   
Have you tried disabling "tools" from the Finished Goods stockpile and creating another, solely for "tools"?
king doom   
2011-04-10 04:53   
Confirming this still exists in 31.25, unmodded game, all the jugs of royal jelly are being dumped into a finished goods stockpile.
2011-04-10 05:10   
Is it also in game created by .25?
2011-04-17 03:00   
To fix this you need to allow bins in your food stockpiles because jugs cant be stored in barrels. If you allow bins the filled jugs will be brought to the according food stockpile.
2011-04-29 17:23   
Also, it seems in .25 that while large stone pots made by a craftdwarf shop work, jugs made from any stone, besides the clays, and kalonite, will not allow the collection on the raw honeycomb
2012-07-20 11:11   
in 34.11 i have noticed as well that the jugs still store in finished goods with the honey and royal jelly being unusable, my simple fix was to remove tools from the finished goods pile, dump all your jugs that are in said stockpiles then unforbid them, the dwarves take them to their respective food piles and become usable, also @fredd you need to glaze the earthenware jugs for them to be able to carry liquids
2014-09-19 03:48   
Still here in 0.40.13