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0004230Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2011-03-15 02:472014-12-31 07:51
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PCWindowsXP SP3
0004230: bucket with water inside becomes unusable
I have some bucket involved industries above ground and rain as my primary enemy. Sometime raindrops hit bucket exposed to open air and those buckets fills with water. It happens with empty and filled with lay buckets. Bucket with any bit of water don't allowed on any stockpile and don't get used even to fill the pond. After some time "water" became "stagnant water". I found only one way how to deal with them, I transfer them to trade depot when any caravan arrive. Sometime buckets arrive at depot filled with water and I sell those. Sometime water was poured on ground where bucked once was, and there appear a "pool of water" (I hope it will not spread all over my fortress as pool of buzzard blood from buzzard I killed 4 years ago).
I can designate to dump dye from bag or barrel and dwarf will carry dye stack to dump, but it disappear after dumping. If I can do something like with water...
0.31.25, bucket, lye, stagnant water bucket, water
has duplicate 0001570resolved Footkerchief Buckets quantum stockpile in hostpital from repeat suturing - become unusable 
related to 0006038new  Frozen water doesn't get dumped from flasks 
related to 0002505new  Pond Zone fill-job cancelations and unusable buckets resulting from iced-over, but full, outdoor pond 
related to 0007690assigned Footkerchief Dwarfs with "Give Water" job won't use buckets stored in hospital 
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2011-03-15 04:50   
Could you please upload a save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] ?

Also, can you dump the water/buckets? You should be able to designate the water inside the bucket for dumping by going into the detailed item view, and pressing enter to view the item inside the bucket (water) and then pressing D.
2011-03-15 09:41   
(edited on: 2011-03-15 09:47)
I've had this one for a while, assumed it was already reported.

Additional details:
* The buckets with stuff in them won't go to stockpiles.
* The buckets cannot be reused. You have to make more buckets.
* Haven't tried designating the buckets to be sold to a caravan, will try that
* Designating the water to dump (by going inside the bucket's details) does not create a dump item job.
* Designating the bucket for dump does cause it to go to the garbage zone, but the contents are still there.

Save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3972 [^]

2011-03-15 09:50   
I designate water for dumping trough detail view and trough stock menu. It stays there it is. Right now I don't have save with watered buckets right now, deal with all of them as describe. I will try to recreate situation and try to keep an eye on "pool of water" thing.
Also I check barrels. Only affect I notice is barrels with tallow get part of it changed to "tallow laced with water".
2011-03-15 09:51   
see also 1570, probable dup. And 1570 suggests putting the buckets outside in freezing weather and then dumping the resulting ice -- have not tried that.
2011-03-17 03:44   

HammerDave: put a # in front of the number to make it link automatically.
2011-03-17 03:53   
AFAIK, buckets with water in them are useful for working around the Apply Cast healthcare bug, but that's supposedly fixed in .22 according to the change log.
2011-03-20 04:50   
OK. I get the moment and reproduce issue. I have lye bucket filled with 1 lye and 9 water. I will try to use method mentioned in 0001570 with pond.
Also I discover new issue. I have pile of dimple dye flying in air and pool of dwarven rum...
2011-03-20 12:18   
The "trade depot" method of emptying buckets involves forbidding the contents of the bucket that you want to remove - once the bucket is picked up to be brought to the depot, any forbidden items inside will be dumped on the floor while unforbidden stuff will remain in place.
2011-03-26 00:40   
(edited on: 2011-03-26 00:44)
I play few years and look closely how buckets are used. My first statement about rain was false. Rain drops not involved into this bug.

job fill pond - require empty bucket
job give water - require empty bucket
job milk creature - require empty bucket
job make lye - *require not lye/milk bucket*

So I get a moment then lye maker get half filled with watr bucked and make a lye inside it. The bucked becomes unusable since it contain water and lye at once.
If you want get water in bucket initiate "fill pond", "give water" or other activity and interrupt it after bucket get filled with water. You can get "stagnant water" from "murky pool" water source.
I still didn't get how to get bucket with less than 10 units of water, but i sure it is because of clean job.

Also I recheck forbidding content with trade deport involved. I made "a pool of lye", "a pool of water", "a pool of llama milk", "a pool of dwarwen wine" ... it is fun but useless. At this point all except lye and water are vapored or cleaned out, and no liquids spread out like "a pool of buzzard blood". Also "a pile of dimple dye" and "a pile of gypsum plaster" still float in air near my dump pit.

2011-03-28 09:43   
Just verified. This bug still exist in 0.31.25
Load save, wait till appear bucket with less than 10 water units, forbid all other buckets, add make lye job to ashery ... now I have brand new bucket with 8 water units and one lye unit.
2011-03-28 10:16   
Water and lye getting mixed is 0001236.
2011-03-31 08:16   
Thank you RossM.
also check 0003066 0001324

"But nothing ever happens,
And I wonder"

I think change to fix this bug is trivial. How can I increase priority?
2012-02-29 20:58   
34.03 this is still an issue. I've got 3 or 4 buckets laying around my hospital with "stagnant" water in them. We should be able to designate a "liquid" dump or something like that.
2014-08-07 10:19   
Still in 0.40.6
2014-08-24 09:09   
Still in 0.40.09.
2014-08-24 20:40   
Reminder sent to: Kirkegaard, Skid

Please upload a save that demonstrates the problem to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.
2014-12-31 04:58   
Huh, I'm pretty sure I've dumped water from out of partially filled buckets. Usually part-filled buckets will be found dropped near hospitals or where workers had water brought to them. If you designate the water inside to be dumped the empty bucket gets taken back to the furniture stockpile or wherever like usual.