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0004232Dwarf FortressMap Featurespublic2011-03-15 10:282014-01-27 13:26
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0004232: Aquifer on mountainous maps
It seems that aquifer on mountainous maps is multi-level (more than it is supposed to be). For example biome info says that this site has somewhat medium elevation and an aquifer, but in reality it is multiplied by every rocky level resulting in >3 consecutive aquifers.
So the only way to deal with it is to dig the lowest above-ground level, where it seems to have normal number of aquifers.
As dfwiki says that reveal.exe is no longer supported I had troubles checking it properly, so I may be wrong, but I thought that it might be worth submitting.
Pick a rocky embark site. Try to dig through all the aquifers from the highest above-ground level.
related to 0000937resolved Toady One Aquifer generation does not seem to be respecting mountains/elevations; conglomerate layers related? 
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For reference, reveal.exe is an outdated tool that was meant for 40d and earlier - the current equivalent is dfhack, which works with most 0.31.xx versions.
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I'd be curious to know if the mountain was solid aquifer or just the slopes. If it was just the slopes, that might be intentional. But if entire Z-levels of the mountain were aquifer, then that would seem to be a bug (or unfinished).

Once you break through the aquifer you could backup the save and then dig up through the bottom of the mountain to test.