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Toady One 
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0004244: Goblin ambush squads target each other
I had a goblin ambush show up, six squads total. Four of the squads appeared from the same place on the map edge, one after another, and immediately began fighting amongst themselves. After one was killed and several others injured, the entire ambush (including the two uninvolved squads) fled the map. They had no contact with my dwarves whatsoever. I checked the Civilizations list and there is only one Goblin civilization known to my fortress.

I consider this a major bug because it makes the difference between a potentially game-changing event and a non-event.
1. Develop fortress susceptible to large ambushes.
2. Wait for large ambush.
3. See nearby squads bicker lethally while your dwarves watch in amusement from afar.
This is the second ambush my fortress has witnessed; the first consisted of two squads coming from opposite directions, so they did not meet and there was no opportunity for infighting.
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child of 0003685needs feedback Dwarfu Goblin squads invading a fortress will kill their non-goblin squadmates, sparking loyalty cascade 
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Reminder sent to: Drazinononda

Did any of the invasion squads contain entities other than goblins?

See 0003685 - this is most likely a duplicate.
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No other entities, just goblins. I realized also that the first two ambush squads were revealed immediately upon entry to my local map, so they must have been fighting against each other also. I looked around and found a bloody copper bow dropped where the first squad entered.

While there were no non-goblin entities in the specific squads that attempted to ambush my fortress, I have lost a couple dwarf children to snatchers, so this may be related to 0003685 if they both result from a behind-the-scenes bug concerning abductions. Though if I remember correctly, the first, non-bugged ambush came after the abductions, so unless something happened with the abductees between the two ambushes, that theory may not hold either.

EDIT: I went back again to look over the combat log for the slain goblin (the other reports disappeared when the goblins concerned left the map) and there were at least six other goblins attacking him, as identified by unique weapons. Since the other reports have vanished, I am unable to see whether or not the other goblins were fighting each other or just ganging up on the one poor Goblin Swordsman.

Toady One   
2011-03-26 01:47   
I've handled what should be the main cause of this, but I'm going to leave the others open while we observe.