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0004255Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2011-03-20 21:262011-03-20 21:32
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0004255: Goblins attack each other on entering map
During the third year of my current embark, two (or more?) goblin ambushes entered my above ground map.

Unlike previous ambushes, they revealed themselves immediately, and the members of each group began attacking their fellows. The two groups entered on opposite edges of the map, so the two groups never met each other.

After a short battle in which a few goblins in each ambush group were killed, both groups broke morale and fled the map.

Prior goblin and elf ambushes in this same game seemed to function normally - in one case earlier some elves and goblins encountered each other and fought, but that seemed normal. The earlier groups didn't attack their own members.
No idea. It just happened on its own as far as I can tell.
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duplicate of 0004244resolved Toady One Goblin ambush squads target each other 
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