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0004293: Unsolid fortifications?
I have had a number of times, where when I am using a flooding trap, that the enemy is pushed through the fortifications, or they dodge through the fortifications, not sure which. Either way, it is a serious problem.

I know there should be no way through to the other side, and surely not from where they are.
Wait for the river to thaw and watch the goblins nearby.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4011 [^]
You might notice a group of 5 goblins encased in obsidian near the southern part of the map. I admit to using DFliquids to defend my fort in the early stages, but that has nothing to do with this current issue.
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duplicate of 0003327new  Creatures can pathfind, move and get flow-pushed through submerged fortifications 
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