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0000442Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Skills and Professionspublic2010-04-04 20:352015-12-20 21:36
0000442: Migrants arrive with inappropriate weapon skills
That migrants come onto the map with potentially higher and more varied military skills is a good thing. However, it's not uncommon to have lashers and pikedwarves, despite dwarves being unable to make these weapons. As there is no guarantee of being able to procure these through trade, being skilled in foreign weapons should at the least be rare.
Wait for migrants.
Check migrants' skills.
Eventually, one or more will arrive with weapons for which you cannot make the appropriate weapons as they are not part of dwarven civilization.
Intentional/Expected?, Military
has duplicate 0002300resolved Footkerchief Migrants with exotic skills 
related to 0008309new  Knife User skill only available to outsider adventurers, goblins, and kobolds 
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2010-04-04 20:38   
This is not a bug.
http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?board=5.0 [^]
2010-04-04 20:47   
Qloos, that link takes you to the main suggestions board. Which isn't anywhere close to indicating that this issue isn't a bug.
2010-04-04 23:58   
(edited on: 2010-04-04 23:59)
Even after talking to Toady about this, I was still unsure whether he considered it intended behavior or not, so I'll leave this open.

2010-04-05 06:23   
Maybe its intended severity should be set to "tweak" instead? If it's not a bug as such, it certainly is frustrating and counterintuitive behavior.
2010-06-13 10:24   
Well lashers, knife users and bowdwarves seem ok to me, you can get these weapons from invaders or traders and use them.

But pikedwarves are worse. The only weapon which uses pike skill is the pike itself, which not only can't be produced by dwarves, by also can't be wielded by them at all. Which means pikedwarf skill is completely useless for a dwarf, and there is no way to train it in fortress mode so migrants shouldn't be able to have this skill either.

2010-10-29 19:23   
It's very bad for "foreign" range weapons: I've had immigrants with bow and blowpipe skills. Although i can acquire the weapons through combat or trade, I can't make or acquire ammunition at all. The foreign ranged weapons thus are nearly completely useless (a "bowdwarf" will bash enemies with his bow, but the hunter with the bow complains endlessly about no ammunition).
I'd be fine not being able to make the weapon as long as we could craft the ammunition...
2010-10-30 17:04   
Agreed myrrhlin.

Also, it MIGHT be a good compromise to filter out weapon groups that have no wieldable member. (lasher=OK, pikedwarf=NOT OK!)
2010-10-31 07:17   
I think you can buy arrows from elves. I never bought bows though, so I never had reason to buy arrows. ^^;
Ogg the Blinky Sock   
2015-12-20 21:36   
You can buy arrows from elves, and the havoc that they once caused with your ammunition supply seems to have been sorted out.