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0004446Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2011-04-04 12:532014-09-12 11:45
Toady One 
0004446: Grazing hungry animals eat slower - snowballs starvation
Akin to 4113, and I can't entirely confirm this, though it seems likely.

Hunger tends to slow down all activities. One of these activities, one would imagine, is eating. Since larger animals need to feed -all- the time in order to survive, some animals that could normally survive in the current setting cannot if they fall into hunger. Because they're hungry, they eat slower - and because they eat slower, their rate of intake can drop below sustenance.

This seems to be especially true with Yaks, who are borderline. If a Yak becomes hungry, he will inevitably die even if given plenty of pasture.
Start a fortress with a Yak or two. Wait for the Yak to get hungry before assigning it to a pasture. The Yak will constantly eat, but too slowly to survive, thus ultimately dying.
While similar to 4113 and a possible reason, the two are different bugs. 4113 has a general problem that some animals cannot sustain themselves even if eating all the time. This bug is more akin to a specific problem - the possibility that hunger is causing a decrease in eating speed, leading to a snowball effect.
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related to 0004113resolved Toady One Large grazers (elephants and giraffes) can't eat fast enough to keep from starving 
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