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0004488Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2011-04-10 00:082011-04-10 09:09
0004488: Abducted Historical Figures lose their previous race
When night creatures abduct folks and convert them, their race is permanently changed to a night creature spouse. The events in Legends seem to collect after they've already been calculated. Normally, this isn't a problem, but because historical figures race isn't recorded when the event happens (only that it was they who did it, I presume) you can wind up with dwarves coronating a "Dusk Freak Wife" Queen. A brief investigation will find that the historical figure was coronated first, and abducted and converted later (abdicating king or queenship in the process), but the dwarves (or whoever) will always refer to the abductee foreverafter as the spouse race, even for events that happened before conversion.
1. Gen a world with nightcreatures
2. Wait until (or force) a night creature abducts an important leader of one of the civilizations.
3. Go into legends.
4. The civ will have history / make carvings of a Night Creature Spouse leader, rather than a member of their own civ.
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duplicate of 0003563new  When entity members become night creatures, their title changes retroactively in art etc. 
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Basically the same issue.