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0004514: Dwarf disappears, listed as dead in units screen.
Upon reloading a saved game, I found that one of my dwarves, the expedition leader, was listed as "Deceased" in the units screen, but his corpse wasn't listed in the stocks screen. He had retained his position as the expedition leader of my fortress, as well as the broker and the bookkeeper. Presumably as a side effect of this, all empty positions had disappeared from the Nobles menu, and I was unable to assign a chief medical dwarf, a manager or a sheriff. Ordering the expedition leader replaced and leaving the position vacant fixed this.

As said, I cannot find the expedition leader's body, but his character page lists a serious head injury. His brain is fractured, which is presumably fatal for a dwarf, but it is odd that this is mentioned at all. Dead units are usually listed as having their upper bodies missing and no other injuries, regardless of what actually killed them. None of his friends, including his lover, have the "lost a friend to tragedy recently" line in their thoughts. He is listed in the "engrave slab" menu.

There are no combat logs for him, and no visible announcements for his death. He was the broker of the outpost, and still alive when I traded with the dwarven caravan, about four or five months ago. Since then there has been an attack from Foul Blendecs and a berserking armorer from a failed mood, but I do not recall anyone (except the berserker) getting killed. The first time I noticed his disappearance was when started investigating the missing entries in the Nobles menu.
I've uploaded a save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4212. [^] I'm still playing .31.24, but I didn't notice anything in the changelog that referred to anything like this, so I'm guessing this could very well still be present in .31.25.

Also I'm really not sure which bug category this belongs in.
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duplicate of 0004226resolved Footkerchief Dead dwarf *gone*, not buried 
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Combat logs:
the expedition leader Kikrost Unâllikot is fighting! (9th Obsidian, 576)

The Stray Donkey kicks The expedition leader in the head with her right rear hoof, bruising the muscle, jamming the skull through the brain and tearing the brain!
The expedition leader has been knocked unconscious!

Zooming to the location puts the cursor 1 tile south of your marble Statue.

This looks remarkably similar to 0004226.