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0004518: Dwarf falling unconscious before reaching bed is ignored by healthcare
A Miner dwarf got injured so he went to the hospital(hauled or by himself), he managed to get into the hospital zone, but fell unconcious just one tile from the bed or he was dropped.
Now he's lying there unconscious for about a year.
I tried to build a bed below him, but it did nothing. Removing it again also had no effect.

18th Sandstone 107: Brought to rest in bed
22rd Sandstone 107: Evaluated
0st Timber 107:Compound fracture of right upper leg repaired

Coming data is from 5th Limestone 108:

right upper leg bone
Needs setting
Smashed apart
right hip muscle
right hip bone
Needs setting
Smashed apart

right upper leg
Needs cleaning, surgery, sutures, setting, dressing and immobilization
right hip
Needs surgery, sutures, setting and dressing

My hospital has 11 free beds, 1 free traction bench, 3 tables and tons of containers full with thread, soap, cloth, spints, buckets and crutches
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duplicate of 0000094confirmed Toady One Injured dwarves not recovered, ignored by doctors, and/or don't get food/water 
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See 0000094. It would be helpful to upload your save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link there.