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0004550: Dodging into river/lava/from cliff etc
It is frequent to see dodging ending in failing into river/magma/chasm and death. Even with a lot of less deadly space dodging is completely random.
Fight near river.
I cannot believe that it was not reported - maybe my search was flawed?

I can produce save to demonstrate problem.
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2011-04-21 09:48   
Yes, one would think that at least once a dwarf is more skilled in Dodging, he would be smarter about where he dodges...
2012-04-13 06:58   
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The 04/12/2012 devlog update certainly acknowledges this problem (and implies that minecarts may be expanding this list considerably) but suggests that it'll eventually be dealt with.

2012-05-23 07:27   
Myself, I'm torn by this.

I've seen (civilian) dwarves dodge over edges for a 1 z-level fall, but that allowed them to escape the swarm of zombie muscle shells that were attacking them at the time. I've also had an elven swordsman dodge into my (dry) moat to avoid being hit, which allowed him to be the only survivor of their failed ambush against my fortress.

I can see someone making a poor snap-decision on "which way do i dodge?!" in a sudden life-or-death situation, on the other hand it quite often makes sense that the dwarf (or whoever) would know "I do NOT want to dodge THAT way!" when it comes time to dodge something. On the gripping hand, the current method definitely makes things loads of !!fun!! on occasion. :D
2012-05-23 16:32   
They can also dodge up a z-level onto a wall. See bug 0003371: Non fliers end up on top of walls.
2012-08-10 10:51   
its just logical , lets see how a average man could dodge a charging elephant , you have no time to think in a life or death moment , so i guess you would dodge at random direction .
2012-09-09 22:59   
Right, but as was said above, such a snap decision would likely come much more easily to one with a higher skill in Dodging. Presumably, such skill would necessitate the realization that rolling headfirst into a tree is of little help.