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0004668Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpilespublic2011-05-25 14:062011-05-25 17:35
0004668: Forgotten Beast butchered items don't go into correct stockpiles
Whenever I butcher a forgotten beast, the parts always seem to go into whatever Refuse stockpile happens to be nearby, even if its settings are restricted for the item in question (for example, a Refuse stockpile with bones restricted, forgotten beast bones will still be moved to it). Not a big deal but just something I noticed.
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duplicate of 0002762acknowledged Footkerchief Forgotten Beast body parts and corpses stored on refuse stockpile disregard stockpile settings 
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Duplicate of 0002762 - please use the Search function next time.
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Click on "View issues" (top menu) then type "forgotten" or "bone" in the search box on the left, then click apply filter. It wasn't easy for me either.

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Good catches.