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0004697: Miasma without a source
There's a little patch of bare floor near the entrance of my fort that is erupting into clouds of miasma without any items/remains/corpses on that tile. there are no rooms above or below, and the tile is solid basalt. I had food stockpiles sitting on it earlier, and thought that something in the stockpile may have caused it. after fruitlessly searching all the nearby barrels, I removed the stockpile and let the dwarves remove all the barrels. Now it just periodically comes up out of nowhere and gives my dwarves bad thoughts.

(Category may need to be changed, because I have no idea what the root of the problem really is)
Image of the miasma spot, at miasma genesis. (that barrel to the upper right contains 10 unrotten cave wheat.)

http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/828/ghostmiasma.jpg/ [^]

And the save for those that want a look.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4509 [^]
Save Included
duplicate of 0002008resolved Toady One Dumping owned rotten food don't work 
duplicate of 0000895resolved Toady One Items disappear (become invisible) after getting pushed by flowing water, burning in magma, or encased in ice 
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I should mention that I built walls around the source, as well as one on top of it, and the masons didn't have a problem building there, so at least it not causing trouble.
2011-06-12 18:38   
Reminder sent to: hyp3r4ctive

It is from rotten alpaca tripe, currently with a dump order on it, owned by Geshud Dumatmothdast, Planter.

This miasma burst seems to be the items destruction burst, for if you let it run a bit, the item is destroyed and removed from the stocks screen.

See 0002008. I'll wait to resolve this based on your answers to the following:

Was there never any item at this location?
Have you flooded this area recently? See 0000895.
2011-06-12 19:28   
At one time there were items around there (that barrel in the upper right is the only food barrel left from a stockpile that was culled away from the miasma spot, then later removed entirely) however for as long as that miasma was going on (that I noticed it was happening) the only item I had seen in that spot was a barrel of plump helmets if I can recall, all in good condition. The miasma occurred at least 2 more times between the tile having nothing on it and me considering sending this to the bugtracker and building a wall on top of it. The picture and save are from the third time, from me hovering over the space bar waiting for it to happen again.

The area has never been flooded either.

After reading your response I took down the wall to see if it had gone, and so far no miasma, so you are probably correct in that it was the final burst of the phantom offender.

Thank you for looking into this.
2011-06-12 23:42   
I went ahead and added relations to both of those other reports. As the stocks screen continues to zoom to that spot but nothing is there (as in 0000895) and there is a dump order on it as owned food (as in 0002008), I'm going to leave this open because you have a perfect save for Toady to look at that might bring insight into both of those other reports.
2011-06-12 23:47   
I feel so special :p

thanks again, you guys are the reason this game remains so addictive :3