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0004753Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2011-07-14 05:502014-01-17 10:37
Toady One 
0004753: Rodent men have no skin
For some reason, the RODENT MAN creature uses the VERTEBRATE_TISSUE_LAYERS body detail plan with HAIR being the outermost tissue rather than using SKIN and also including the BODY_HAIR_TISSUE_LAYERS body detail plan.

This means that rodent men have no skin on their entire bodies, instead having hair growing directly out of their fat/muscle, something which doesn't seem quite right. It also means that they have no major arteries in their throat, since said arteries are specified to be within the SKIN tissue while their throat is made of the HAIR tissue.
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By comparison, rats, large rats, and giant rats all have skin with hair on top of it, and one would assume that "rodent men" are supposed to be equivalent to the ratmen from previous versions.